ConsignO Cloud User Guide

Text field

Available with: Individual plan Business plan Enterprise plan

The text field allows the project initiator to define a free text area that they will assign to a person responsible for filling it out. A wording must be defined by the project initiator for each text field in order to guide the respondent on the information expected.

1. No formatting is possible other than resizing the field. Add a text field.

2. Add the text and specify the label of the field according to the expected information. in the example below, you are asked to indicate the city of residence

3. Then assign the field to a manager from the address book or by creating a new contact,
4. The text field appears in the “defined zone” section, once all the zones have been placed on the document, launch the signature project

5. Receive email to sign the project signature with text field, click on the link to access the document, the document will indicate 2 actions to complete

a. Fill in the text field

b. Complete the signature project by clicking on “Approve and sign”, you will find that the city name is now indicated in the document

c. The final document is available for download with the signature and the text field completed