Technological Notarial Act


In the context of the regulation aiming to allow a notarial act in minutes on a technological medium, Notarius is joining forces with the Chambre des notaires in order to make this available with the ConsignO Cloud signature platform.

A ConsignO Cloud tenant has been personalized to the colors of the Chambre des notaires and dedicated to signing the “notarial technological act“.

It is thus MANDATORY for notaries wishing to receive technological notarial acts, to register with this new platform. Any account previously created on ConsignO Cloud, whether free or paid, cannot be used in the context of these regulations, the Chambre des notaires ConsignO Cloud tenant has distinct functionalities for this type of reserved act.

In the context of these regulations and the implementation of this solution, invoicing by Notarius will also apply. Each signature project launched, whether a notarial act, private deed or a certified copy, will be invoiced to the undersigned notary at a cost of $2.25.

Finally, it is important to note that the procedure to be followed in order to produce a notarial act on technological support will be provided by the Chambre des notaires. All questions relating to this procedure should be addressed to the Chambre des notaires directly and not to Notarius.

Please consult Espace Notaire / Profession numérique and the resources of the technological act for more information (French only).