Choose the price plan that suits your organization


  • Number of projects per year *
  • Number of users
  • Price per additional user
  • Number of documents per project *
  • Unlimited signers *
  • Sending projects in bulk
  • Number of bulk projects included
  • Cost of additional bulk projects
  • API integration
    The platform can be integrated into existing systems, including CRM and EDM, with a powerful API.
  • IdP integration (SAML)
  • Interac network integration
  • Custom parameterization
  • Customizable link (URL) for accessing and joining the service
  • Embedded signature
  • Certified Copy
  • User group management
  • Custom interface branding (logo and colors)
  • Custom signature aspect (textbox internal signature only)
  • Signature delegation
  • Adding a person to notify
  • Add approver
  • Organization administration console
  • Management of roles and authorizations
  • Organization dashboard
  • Organization address book
  • Shared project templates
  • Centralized billing
  • Usage reports
    Report giving the number of projects launched on a monthly basis and aggregated by project initiator or by group.
  • Text Field
  • Individual dashboard
    Quickly view all signature projects initiated and ascertain their current status.
  • Address book
    Signers added to signature projects are automatically added to an address book therefore dispense with the need to enter their information for every signature project.
  • Tamper-proof audit trail
    ConsignO Cloud automatically generates a digitally sealed audit trail that incorporates the original document as uploaded and the signed document in PDF/A3, making legal reliability of the signing process easy to prove.
  • Signature order setting
    When preparing a document, it is easy to specify the order in which signers are invited to sign the document(s).
  • Editing of a project in progress
  • Notifications & reminders
    When a signature project is launched, the recipient are notified via email that a document requires their signature. In addition to the automatic recall, the initiator of the project can also send a reminder from the dashboard.
  • Project templates
  • Refusal to sign a project
  • Mobile compatible
    Prepare, launch and manage signature projects from your mobile or tablet.
  • Notarius digital signature compatible
    Digital signatures are used when high reliability signatures are necessary. A digital signing certificate include proof of the signer's identity, professional affiliation or employer affiliation.
  • Multi-factor authentication
    The signer can be authenticated by a one-time passcode sent by SMS to the signer's cell phone, by an automated voice call providing a one-time passcode or by a shared secret.
  • Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) compliant
    Notarius is the only Canadian company that provides digital signatures recognized by Adobe (Adobe Approved Trust List - AATL) and Microsoft (WebTrust for CA). Thus, when a document is opened in Adobe Reader, the digital signatures applied by ConsignO Cloud will be shown as valid.
  • Document integrity guaranteed
    To preserve the original document integrity, a platform digital signature is applied as soon as the document is uploaded to the platform. It provides a mean to certify that the original integrity has been preserved and will be preserved throughout its lifecycle. ConsignO Cloud also preserve files attached to a document uploaded as well as existing digital signatures applied.
  • Document longevity (PDF/A & PAdES LTV)
    Document longevity ensures that a document can be opened, read and authenticated for several decades by:
    - Using PDF/A standards, a file format compliant with the ISO 19005 standard for long-term archiving of electronic documents
    - Adhering to the PAdES LTV (ETSI TS 102 778) standard for long-term validation of digital signatures, which makes it possible to confirm both the signature’s validity at time of application and current certificate status (expired or revoked)


Billed annually as C$119

For occasional users with simple projects

  • 60
  • 1
  • N/A
  • 1


Billed annually as C$399

For departments or small organisations with basic business needs

  • 400
  • 2
  • $199
    200 projects included
  • 4



Billed annually as C$1,199 $400 off the first year Following years: $1,599/Y
Billed annually as C$3,599 $900 off the first year Following years: $4,499/Y

For organizations that want to manage multiple users, centralize activities, share common content and who are looking for basic customization

  • Unlimited
  • 5
  • $299
  • 8
  • 500
  • $450 for 500 projects



For organizations that want to automate their processes, integrate the signature into their application and who are looking for maximum personalization

  • Volume based pricing
  • Unlimited
  • N/A
  • 25
  • Volume based pricing
  • Volume based pricing
  • Extra fees
  • Extra fees

(*) These features are subject to the additional conditions detailed here: Specific Conditions for Use – ConsignO Cloud®

(**) In addition to the ConsignO Cloud Enterprise plan presented here, a ConsignO Cloud Enterprise plan limited to one user per API for signature project management is also offered at a special price. Some features may not be available depending on the chosen plan. Contact us for more information.


Of course! You can try all of ConsignO Cloud’s features free of charge for 30 days, with no obligation.

The following options are available to you:

  1. The Individual plan which allows you to send documents for signing, explore the solution’s different features and familiarize yourself with the interface.
  2. The “Business 5” plan for five users within the same organization, in addition to the features of the single-user trial, which allows you to manage multiple users within the same organization, create groups, share an address book and take advantage of advanced features such as bulk sending.

Note: At the end of the trial period, you will be able to subscribe to one of our plans. For a Business 5 trial, a subscription to an individual plan is not available.

If you need assistance during this trial period, we will be happy to answer your questions.

No. Signers are not required to subscribe or install any software. Only the person that prepares a document for signature needs an account.

Yes. Documents signed with ConsignO Cloud provide advanced legal reliability. The signer’s identity and the integrity of the document are integrated directly into the document to ensure its authenticity. Documents signed with ConsignO Cloud are legally binding in court and their legal validity cannot be contested by signers.