ConsignO Cloud offers a wide range of features that meet your business needs


With ConsignO Cloud, you can send a document to sign within 10 clicks.

Prepare, launch and manage signature projects from your mobile or tablet.

Signers are able to view a document and sign it electronically from their mobile, tablet or desktop.

When preparing a document, it is easy to specify the order in which signers are invited to sign the document(s). It is possible to specify a sequential order, signatures in parallel, or a combination thereof – meaning someone might be required to sign first, then a group of people can sign in parallel, then a final person must sign last.

Signers added to signature projects are automatically added to an address book therefore dispense with the need to enter their information for every signature project.

Import contacts into the address book.

Once a signature project is launched, it is possible to apply changes such as editing, removing or replacing a signer.

Quickly view all signature projects initiated and ascertain their current status


  • To preserve the original document integrity, a platform digital signature is applied as soon as the document is uploaded to the platform. It provides a mean to certify that the original integrity has been preserved and will be preserved throughout its lifecycle. It also provides a mean to validate the integrity through existing tools.
  • ConsignO Cloud also preserve files attached to a document uploaded as well as existing digital signatures applied.

Document longevity ensures that a document can be opened, read and authenticated for several decades by:

  • Using PDF/A standards, a file format compliant with the ISO 19005 standard for long-term archiving of electronic documents
  • Adhering to the PAdES LTV (ETSI TS 102 778) standard for long-term validation of digital signatures, which makes it possible to confirm both the signature’s validity at time of application and current certificate status (expired or revoked)

PDF/A (ISO 19005) is the only family of standards specifically ensuring the longevity of documents. ConsignO Cloud is able to convert documents to PDF/A 1, 2 and 3 and is also capable of verifying if documents comply with these three standards.


When preparing a document to be signed, you can choose if a signer must use a digital signature or an electronic signature. A digital signature is a cryptographically protected signature applied in a document using a digital signing certificate issued by a Certification Authority to a named individual or to a specific organizational unit. An electronic signature is a signature applied in a document, using the cryptographically protected signature of the platform incorporating the signer identity and authentication information.

The person preparing a document or documents to be signed is able to specify an expiration date after which it is no longer possible to sign the document.

To the choice of the person requiring a document to be signed, the signer can be authenticated a one-time passcode sent by SMS to the signer’s cell phone, by an automated voice call providing a one-time passcode or by a shared secret.

ConsignO Cloud can be customized to offer a client graphical look & feel rather than the standard look & feel.

Integrate digital signatures within your existing documents production systems through a powerful API


ConsignO Cloud automatically generates a digitally sealed audit trail that incorporates the original document as uploaded and the signed document in PDF/A3, making legal reliability of the signing process easy to prove.

The use of trusted timestamp ensures that the signature time recorded is official and has not been edited.

Digital signatures are used when high reliability signatures are necessary. A digital signing certificate include proof of the signer’s identity, professional affiliation or employer affiliation.

A trusted electronic signature is a signature applied in a document, using the cryptographically protected signature of the platform incorporating the signer identity and authentication information.

Notarius is the only Canadian company that provides digital signatures recognized by Adobe (Adobe Approved Trust List – AATL) and Microsoft (WebTrust for CA). Thus, when a document is opened in Adobe Reader, the digital signatures applied by ConsignO Cloud will be shown as valid.


Should the server in which the documents reside be hacked or accessed in an unauthorized fashion, it is necessary to have the documents encrypted to prevent unauthorized document access.

Document transfer are done over an encrypted connection.

Documents are stored only on servers located in Canada.

Required second authentication factor ensures anyone with access to the signer or user email account, such as assistants and collaborators, do not have access to documents to be signed and therefore sign on behalf of the signer without the intended signer knowing.


Legally reliable signatures

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