Technological Notarial Act

Technical Requirements

In order to be able to produce a “technological notarial act”, you must:

  • Have an official digital signature of a notary (issued by Notarius);
  • Have an account on the Consigno Cloud platform dedicated to the technological notarial act (;
  • Have CertifiO Manager (Windows or Mac) and Entrust ESP software (Windows only) provided by Notarius *
  • Have a broadband internet connection;
  • Have a mobile or landline phone (required for sending the second authentication factor for registration and signing document).

Given that notaries must sign with their digital signature, it is only possible to proceed on a computer with the Windows or MAC operating system.
It is therefore not possible for the notary to digitally sign on an iOS or Android device.

* CertifiO Manager and Entrust ESP software should already be present on your workstation, as they are required to use the digital signature with Telus solutions and the Notarius portal. If not, they can be downloaded via the Download page of the Notarius website.