If the signer has not received a SMS code after a few tries, check the following:


Make sure the signer’s mobile phone can receive SMS

  • The phone must have mobile coverage (5G, LTE, HSPA, 3G, etc).
    • SMS cannot be received using only WiFi, or using a land line phone.
  • The mobile phone number must not block third party SMS. In doubt, send the message START to the mobile number  438-793-6973.


Make sure the signer’s mobile number is right

  • Check with the project initiator that the signer’s mobile phone number is properly entered in ConsignO Cloud. As an indication, the last three digits of the signer’s mobile number are displayed during the connection.


Corrections and alternate authentication methods

  • The project initiator can change or correct the authentication method (updated mobile number, phone call, shared secret) by accessing the signature project and editing the signer’s authentication method. The signer will then receive an email to connect with the new method.



It is possible that situations beyond our control, such as an outage by the signer’s mobile operator or the SMS sending platform, cause temporary problems with SMS messages.