There are several ways to download the final document.

For the instrumenting party:

  • For completed projects, you have the option to download the document from your dashboard. A cloud icon will appear to the right of your completed projects. Click on it to download the final document signed by all parties or a zipped file if you have multiple signed documents.
  • If you need to download a document for a signature project that has not yet been finalized, you must click on the edit icon and then select the option to download the document by clicking on the menu in the tab with the document’s name.

For project signers:

  • When you sign a document, a confirmation message appears at the top of the page. You will find a link to download the non-final document (if others are required to sign) or final document (if you were the last person to sign).
  • Once the final document(s) have been signed, an email with a link to download them will automatically be sent to you.

Note that the audit trail, which is automatically created when a signature project is completed, includes the signed document(s) as well as the unsigned originals as an attachment.