While documents signed using ConsignO Cloud contain proof that binds the signer (identifier and authenticator), an audit trail containing additional information that may prove useful in the event of a dispute is automatically generated as soon as a signature project is finalized.

The audit trail includes information such as:

  • the signature project’s key information (name, creation date as well as the details of the person who created it)
  • specific information about the original and final documents contained in the project
  • information relating to project participants, including the authentication method
  • the details of each signature affixed to the documents
  • a complete history of the actions taken, starting from the creation of the signature project to its finalization

The audit trail also includes the original and final signed documents as attachments. When you download the audit trail, you have direct access to the final signed documents.

Lastly, the audit trail itself is digitally signed as soon as it is published in order to guarantee its integrity.